İngilizce boşluk doldurma test

Bu testimizde İngilizce boşluk doldurma soruları ve cevapları, İngilizce boşluk doldurma cevapları, ingilizce kelime boşlık doldurma, fill in the blank exercises, fill in the blanks with suitable words gibi konuları ele alacağız.




211-Though there can be many parties in a general election, ………… .

A)the majority of the host's acquaintances will be attending

B)a few parties would gain too much power

C)only a few of them can win seats in Parliament

D)nobody actually votes for him anyway

E)they failed to win any seats in the new government


212-………..; otherwise, there's no way he would have known the time and place.

A)Felix must have been told about the picnic

B)Stan arrived late for his own wedding

C)You should ask Paul to come to the dance

D)Jim was aware of the staff meeting

E)Gerald can't have been invited to the party


213-Despite the fact that everyone thinks the boss's plan is not practical, ……….. .

A)he himself would be among the first to agree

B)many others think his ideas have quite a bit of merit

C)there is no way it can be effectively implemented

D)he is generally rather useless at such things

E)he owns the company and thus makes the decisions


214- ………….., it would be more enjoyable to do it over a week or so, and stop to enjoy the sights.

A)While the trip generally takes about seven or eight days

B)I think I can manage to finish painting the house in a day

C)We were planning to spend a fortnight driving to California

D)Though it's possible to drive across America in two days

E)The train journey across Siberia is a very long one indeed


215-……….,as it looks as if it's going to be raining for a while.

A)The rivers and streams are already flooding

B)There's no point in buying a new umbrella

C)I had no idea that rain had been forecast

D)I wish I'd taken advantage of the nice weather

E)The weather in March can be quite changeable


216-After your plane lands at Sky Harbour Airport, …… .

A)the flight is scheduled to arrive at 9.15 am.

B)your connection to Texas had been delayed

C)you'll be taken to the Baltimore Hotel by taxi

D)the plane to Mexico was about to arrive

E)the trip has only taken about two hours


217-Harold is the director of a large company and supervises many people at work, ……….. .

A)although he has been working with the firm for twenty years

B)but at home his wife is the boss and tells him what to do

C)however, he hasn't missed a day for illness in a decade

D)as long as he's a hard worker and completely reliable

E)considering what an important position he's got there


218-Before going to Africa to teach English, …………….. .

A) Tom lives in Singapore with his four children

B) Dennis had been an employee of the British government for 30years

C) Scott would have been better off staying in France, serving diners

D) the rest of Joe's family thought he should have become a lawyer

E) Steve has discovered that he can make much more money by selling cars


219-…………, you must subtract 32, multiply by 5 and divide by 9.

A)Though you may not be too keen on mathematics

B)A person's weight can be recorded in either pounds or kilos

C)In order to convert Fahrenheit temperatures to Celsius

D)The metric system has all but replaced the old imperial one

E)The weather report said that today's average would be 86F


220- Though the Dutch Reformed Church is the largest religious groups in Holland, …………. .

A)Roman Catholicism has been losing popularity in France

B)who follow a belief established by a former king of the Netherlands

C)the majority of the population are Shiite Muslims

D)the fact that there are very few of them in America

E)there are more atheists than followers of this religion there


221-……………, I'll let you know the minute I find out anything.

A) If 1 had been told what we were supposed to do

B) Since you'll probably find out before I do

C) Where we're going to meet is up to you

D) Although now I have no idea when the party is

E) As I've known about the examination for ages


222- Upon overhearing the name of the new manager mentioned, ………… .

A)I think "Kylie" is a really dreadful name

B)it was a group of employees from the sales department

C)he was, obviously not well-liked among the staff

D)I became curious about what they were talking about

E)I don't think they should have promoted him really


223-………..but in the past few years, he's developed a taste for it.

A) I don't know what they use to make spaghetti

B) Steve's always loved the flavour of Coca-Cola

C) Lance used to think that ayran was repulsive

D) While Karl can't stand his own mother's cooking

E) Bill will never get used to eating olives at breakfast


224- The children were screaming so loudly upstairs in their bedroom…………. .

A)that nobody heard the burglars enter the house through the back door

B)even though their mother was punishing them for their terrible behaviour

C)because of the neighbours, who are always complaining about the noise

D)so there was nothing at all anybody could do to get them to be quiet

E)until their father calls a baby-sitter and leaves to go to the supermarket


225-………..yet to      be honest, at such a young age, I can't tell the difference.

A)I saw our neighbour's baby this morning and I think she's had a boy

B)When Joey was a baby, she would only eat one kind of biscuit

C) The seeds that I planted last month have finally begun to sprout

D) Both of the twin sisters wore exactly the same dress and hat

E) In America, children start school when they're about five


226-……………., there's no way you'll understand my grandmother.

A) Even though she bas an impossible northern accent

B) As you can speak Ukrainian as fluently as I can

C) of course she's a very nice old woman

D) Unless you pay great attention to what she's saying

E) Ever since she became senile a few years ago




211C             212A      213E      214D      215D      216C      217B      218B      219C      220E      221D      222D      223C      224A      225A            226D



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