Bu testimizde İngilizce boşluk doldurma soruları ve cevapları, İngilizce boşluk doldurma cevapları, ingilizce kelime boşlık doldurma, fill in the blank exercises, fill in the blanks with suitable words gibi konuları ele alacağız.




101-While baseball is the most popular sport in America, …………. .

A) every team consists of 9 players, each with his own responsibility

B) it is rarely, if ever, played in most other countries

C) meanwhile, football is becoming increasingly popular

D) there are countless leagues for people of all ages

E) newspapers and sports magazines report results and records in great detail


102-….., though, surprisingly, pigs are cleverer than either.

A) Cats are more intelligent than dogs

B) As pork is prohibited by Jewish law

C) The farmer raises chickens and plants

D) Kim has a very clever puppy

E) Both cows and sheep provide milk


103-Everyone assumed the sailor had drowned at sea, ……………. .

A) which was quite a shame, since he had never learnt to swim very well

B) although his wife decided to remarry within a year of the accident

C) so they were pleasantly surprised when they learnt he had been rescued

D) until the coast guard confirmed the loss of all men from the small beat

E) although he probably would, have lived, had he been wearing a life jacket


104-………, but as it wasn't very cold, it melted as soon as it hit the ground.

A) A blizzard left up to three feet of snow in parts of Austria

B) The plane crashed into the mountain at the speed of sound

C) The child dropped his ice-cream onto the kitchen floor

D) It was snowing very heavily when I woke up this morning

E) Astronomers watched the meteor as it entered the atmosphere


105- …………, we managed to get to the top though.

A) The building was only two floors high

B) We walked up the gentle slope of the hill

C) The cat was frightened and ran up the tree

D) The Eiffel Tower has a wonderfully fast lift

E) It was a hot day and the mountain was high


106-……….., whereas in America, they are actually quite cheap.

A) I don't remember what cigarettes cost in India

B) In Europe, taxes make the price of petrol very high

C) Pineapples are extremely expensive in Turkey

D) It costs a lot of money to use the Internet in Hungary

E) Bottles of beer cost practically nothing in Bulgaria


107-I haven't seen Jack since 1979, ……………. .

A) while we've met occasionally in recent months

B) which explains why we have remained so close

C) because of the fact that he lives only two miles away

D) so I recognised him instantly at our class reunion

E) when we were students at secondary school together


108-………..because it was so windy and noisy.

A) Hurricanes are capable of causing a lot of damage

B) The storm caused high winds and a lot of rain

C) The village was generally quiet and peaceful

D) I had great difficulty staying asleep last night

E) Visibility was very low during the blizzard


109-Our flight was delayed by several hours; …………… .

A) however. we managed to leave a bit early

B) otherwise. we had a great time on holiday

C) in case we bought a few magazines at the airport

D) moreover, the hotel was incredibly comfortable

E) because even a bus would have been quicker


110-I eventually managed to find the office, ………… .

A) but not until after I'd got lost several times

B) so I had been bolting for over an hour

C) that was easy and didn't take very long

D) since it wasn't clearly marked on the map I had

E) according to the directions I had given him


111-……………, since I don't understand it myself.

A) I tried to help my sister with her homework

B) I've been going to English classes

C) It's difficult for me to do these sums

D) The teacher didn't show us how he got the formula

E) I can't explain the situation to you


112- I thought it was impossible for me to learn a foreign language………… .

A) except that I could master a language completely different from my own

B) no matter how bad I was at languages when I was at school

C) until I lived for six months in a place where no one spoke my mother tongue

D) especially when I consider how much vocabulary I need to learn

E) unless I go and live in the country where the language is spoken


113-………., but he'll eat anything you put in front of him.

A) Paul doesn't care what you serve

B) We usually feed the dog mince

C) Red wine doesn't go well with fish

D) Dave is practically dying of hunger

E) My niece has always been a strict vegetarian


114-Unless the number of orders increases, ……….. .

A) the recession is getting much worse

B) this has been our worst year so far

C) the sales manager is getting worried

D) the entire factory has closed down

E) some of us may soon become unemployed


115-………, in case you have to stay there overnight?

A) Have you booked the hotel for a fortnight

B) Please give me a call when you arrive

C) I'm not sure which hotel you should book

D) Why don't you take a change of clothes

E) Can you tell me what time you'll be back


116-What I don't like about Mondays……….. .

A) have to work hard on the first day of the week

B) is the fact that I'm always tired

C) I really enjoy the weekends though

D) it's no wonder I love it when Friday comes

E) some of the clients come regularly once a week


117-…………, so we were shocked to learn that they had lost.

A) No one really thought they had much of a chance anyway

B) The match had been cancelled because of bad weather

C) Everyone had expected the team to have an easy victory

D) Our team was losing by three goals when we turned off the TV

E) Their opponent was ranked number one in the league


118-Evcn though I’ve never tried bungee jumping

A) I can imagine how terrifying it must be

B) I couldn't wait when I had the opportunity

C) I'm not a big fan of dangerous sports

D) I still remember how frightened I was at first

E) I was brave enough to Join my friends for a trial


119-As there was no work in his home town for someone with his qualifications, ………… .

A) he had got his degree from the most respected university in the country

B) which meant that he had to remain unemployed, or take a boring job with low pay

C) his mother would miss him if he moved away though

D) it was only a small town with no industry at all

E) he moved to a place where there were more opportunities


120-……, but I won't, of course, if you don't want me to.

A) I don't think I will be home by 6 o'clock

B) I'd love to repaint the living room

C) I haven't made any plans for today

D) I certainly wouldn't tell anyone that

E) I am deeply concerned about the environment





101B              102A      103C      104D      105E


106C              107E      108D      109B      110A      111E      112C


113B              114E      115D      116B      117C      118A      119E      120B


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